Friday, April 8, 2016

  • Registration + Breakfast

    8am - 9am — 1st floor + 2nd floor

    Registration, 1st Floor at entrance
    Breakfast and coffee – 2d Floor

  • Welcome Address

    9am - 9:15am — 2nd Floor – Room 4

    Opening remarks from Food + Enterprise director, Derek Denckla and representatives from 630 Flushing as well as the community at large.

  • Keynote Address – Azish Filabi

    9:15am - 9:30am — 2nd Floor - Room 4

    Azish Filabi will frame the Food + Enterprise Summit with a discussion about the ethics of a regional food system.

  • Keynote Address – Carolyn Steel

    9:30am - 9:55am — 2nd Floor - Room 4

    Renowned author and food systems expert Carolyn Steel will present her ideas surrounding food systems in cities and regions.

  • Building Tours

    10:00am, 10:30am, 11:00am — 2nd floor, outside room 1

    Tour 630 Flushing and meet some of the food producers and leaders in the building.

    Meet on 2nd floor outside Room 1 (30 min. each). Led by Drive Change, Brooklyn Foodworks, Milk Truck, New Food Economy, Farm to People

  • For Love and Money: What Motivates Food System Investors

    10am - 11:25am — 2nd Floor - Room 1

    Presented in partnership with Watervine Impact

    Engage in a discussion with seasoned investors representing a range of capital types – Foundation Program-Related Investment (PRI), Slow Money, Venture Capital, and Corporate Investment. The conversation, moderated by social entrepreneur, Margaret Gifford of Watervine Impact, will share stories from the front lines of impact investing in food and discuss what each “type” of investor is seeking from return on investment to vision for impact. Food system investors can learn from the panelists about new strategies for deploying capital and entrepreneurs can learn about how to best work with investors.

    Speakers: Stacey Faella (Executive Director, The Woodcock Foundation), Andrew Heintzman (CEO & Co-Founder InvestEco), Jason Ingle (Co-Founder and General Partner, Closed Loop Capital), Donna Leuchten Nuccio (Director of Health Food Access, The Reinvestment Fund), David Robinov (Foodshed Investors NY, Slow Money NYC, Farm to People, and Founder of Organic Brands, LLC)

    Moderated by Margaret Gifford (Watervine Impact)

    There will be an opportunity to meet investors at the end of the panel.


  • Food Law Clinic for Farm, Factory, and Office

    10am - 11:25am — 2nd Floor - Room 4

    Presented in partnership with NRDC and Shearman and Sterling LLP

    The new Pace-NRDC Food Law Initiative will host an interactive panel covering three core areas critical to food entrepreneurs whether they operate on the farm, in the factory, or at the office. The panel will have renowned legal experts discussing (i) real property matters, (ii) operational issues and (iii) financing alternatives and will be followed by focus group breakout sessions led by legal teams.

    Registrants are strongly encouraged to respond to this questionnaire to allow the presenters to cover those topics with direct relevance for F+E attendees.

    Speakers: Jennifer Grossman (NRDC), John Nolon (Pace Law School), Jennifer Morton (Shearman and Sterling LLP), David Beveridge (Shearman and Sterling LLP), Margot Pollans (Pace Law School)

  • From Crops to Cows to Cream and More: A $500 Million Opportunity

    10am - 11:25am — 2nd Floor - Room 5

    Presented in partnership with The Center for Agricultural Development and Entrepreneurship (CADE)

    Come learn about the dynamic farm and food business opportunities in the Catskills. In this workshop CADE will outline the collaborative work of Catskills organizations committed to ensuring the success and economic viability of Catskills farm businesses. Economic Development Director, Glenn Nealis, will introduce the Upstate Revitalization Initiative (URI)- Cuomo’s $500 million Southern Tier investment fund seeking private partnerships. And 6 farm business owners will present their shovel ready projects seeking investment, highlighting the innovation and growth of Catskills farm and food businesses.

    Speakers: Rebecca Morgan (CADE), Glenn Nealis (Delaware County Economic Development Director), Ken Jaffe (Slope Farms), Dan Finn and Shannon Mason (Bovina Valley Creamery), Kate Marsiglio (Stony Creek Farm), Mark Jaffe (Fresh Connection), Tianna Kennedy (Star Route Farm), Sara Eckhouse (USDA)

  • Kickstarter Fail: Crowdfunding Lessons and Best Practices

    10am - 11:25am — 2nd Floor - Room 6

    Presented in partnership with Kickstarter

    There’s a lot to learn launching into any food business, and failure is the most generous teacher. Join inventor turned entrepreneur Jessica Sennet (Cheese Grotto) and Kickstarter Food Lead Terry Hope Romero for a lively discussion about running a crowdfunding campaign for your food business and the unique lessons learned, even when things don’t go as planned. Some topics we’ll explore: the path of shifting from a creator to an entrepreneur, understanding your real financials should you succeed, and how to clearly communicate what you’re making to a world beyond your business plan. This chat will include audience Q&A followed by a hands-on session of creating a masterful crowdfunding campaign.

    Speakers: Jessica Sennet (Cheese Grotto) and Terry Hope Romero (Kickstarter)

  • Sitopia: How to Feed a Democracy

    11:30am - 12:30pm — 2nd Floor - Room 1

    Presented by Keynote Speaker Carolyn Steel

    How do you feed a democracy? We rarely ask the question, yet if we want to live in a democratic society, it is vital that we ask it. Food systems and political systems mirror one another: a fact that was obvious in the pre-industrial world, but is less so now. Food has shaped our bodies, habits, homes, societies, landscapes and cities, yet over the past two hundred years, food systems have been diverging from social and political control, their ‘efficiencies’ masking a range of damaging externalities of which most people are unaware. So what can be done about it? The short answer is that we need to recognise food’s true value and harness it to shape the world as we would like to see it. We already live in a sitopia (from the Greek sitos, food + topos, place): by harnessing food’s power we can shape a better one.


  • Hemp Enterprise Work Group

    11:30am - 12:30pm — 2nd Floor - Room 3

    Presented in partnership with Hilary Baum (Co-founder, NYS Sustainable Business Council) and Amy DuFault (Director of Communications, Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator)

    The Hemp Enterprise Work Group is forming at this conference.  It consists of experts in government, food, farming and fashion interested in establishing sustainable foundations for New York State policy related to hemp production and manufacturing.  Hear updates on the national and state movement to legalize this multifaceted product.  We’ll discuss what has to be done so hemp can be protected from following the damaging route conventional cotton and commodities like wheat have taken.  How can hemp production stay localized, environmentally friendly, and accessible to small scale farmers and other entrepreneurs?  Join us as we discuss creating this new avenue for enterprise.


  • Hidden Traps of “Normal” Food Enterprise Growth

    11:30am - 12:30pm — 2nd Floor - Room 4

    Presented in partnership with New Food Economy

    As every entrepreneur (and investor) learns, even the best business plan contains traps and time bombs that can hamper or even destroy an enterprise. In this panel, a strategic practitioner and a widely experienced investor will discuss and answer questions about some of the most common and destructive of business plan surprises. Topics will include the high cost of trade promotion, the downside of scale, the fallacy of organic growth, and how to factor risk awareness into your strategy.

    Speakers: Ian Kelleher (VP, Sales, Peeled Snacks), Dan Pullman (Managing Partner, Fresh Source Capital, LLC), Patrick Clinton (Executive Editor, New Food Economy)


  • Women Leading Change: Resources for Women Business Owners and Investors

    11:30am - 12:30 pm — 2nd Floor - Room 5

    Presented in partnership with CFO on Speed Dial

    While women-led business starts have out-paced men in NYC every year since 2004, women led companies generally have lower revenues, lower or no profits and hire fewer workers. On the investment side; there are far fewer women investors than men and women-owned companies report having a harder time accessing capital. In this workshop we’ll share resources and strategies for turning these challenges into opportunities.

    Presenters: Marti Speranza (Director, Women Entrepreneurs NYC, NYC Department of Small Business Services), Agatha Kulaga (Founder of Ovenly Bakery in Brooklyn), Julia Maltby (Director of Business Development for Plum Alley)

  • Funding an Ethical Food Economy: Plant Based Ventures

    11:30am - 12:30pm — 2nd Floor - Room 6

    Presented in partnership with PlantBased Solutions

    This panel examines various funding models for businesses that are working to the replace the animal-based food economy. From crowdfunding and research grants, to angels and VCs, these funders and the entrepreneurs they support are betting big on building a more sustainable, healthy and ethical food economy. Find out how investing in the ethical food space is unique in process, financial return and social impact.

    Presenters: David Benzaquen (PlantBased Solutions), Jody Rasch (VegInvest), Bruce Friedrich (The Good Food Institute), Leslie Barcus (Veg Fund), Gilonne D’Origny (New Harvest)

  • Harvesters Lunch

    12:30 – 1:55pm — 3rd Floor
  • EATSY Lunch

    12:30 – 1:55 PM — by ETSY.COM – 3rd Floor

    Presented by Eatsy

  • Keynote Address – Joanne Wilson

    2:00pm - 2:25pm — 2nd Floor - Room 4

    A fireside chat with journalist Corie Brown and entrepreneur, writer, and investor Joanne Wilson.

  • Climbing the Capital Ladder: Making Sense of All the Options

    2:30pm - 3:55pm — 2nd Floor - Room 1

    Presented in partnership with Kiva Zip and NYBDC

    Crowdfunding, loans, equity investment – oh my! If you’re finding it difficult if not intimidating to wrap your brain around around all the funding options out there, this session is for you. Representatives from Kiva and NYBDC will break it down to contextualize funding sources and narrow in on what option may be best for what stage of business. Then we’ll have a panel of real, live entrepreneurs sharing how they climbed (and continue to climb) the capital ladder.

    Panel discussion will be followed by Office Hours.

    Presenters: Mark Jaffe (The Fresh Connection), Chris Murillo (Astoria Distilling Company), Jennie Dundas (Blue Marble), Michele Iadarola (Especially Puglia), Katherine Lynch (Kiva Zip), Margaret Gifford (Watervine Impact), Bryan Doxford (NYBD), Andrew Ive (Food X)

  • Growing Together: Connecting Farmers and Buyers to Strengthen Local Sourcing

    2:30pm - 3:55pm — 2nd Floor - Room 4

    Sponsored by Blue Apron

    Panel Discussion and Farmer-Buyer Meet and Greet Presented in Partnership with GrowNYC

    As a growing number of local farmers seek to diversify their sales outlets to include wholesale or direct-wholesale channels, New York City-based grocers, institutions, restaurants, artisanal food producers, and online delivery companies are interested in sourcing local produce.  Join us for a panel discussion exploring the communication, logistical, production, planning, and pricing factors that go into creating successful long-term relationships with local farmers.

    The panel is directly followed by a Farmer-Buyer Meet and Greet, where buyers and farmers will get a chance to discuss their work face-to-face, exchange business information, and possibly make a match!

    Presenters: Christopher Wayne (Grow NYC, FARMroots), Brian Goldblatt (Greenmarket Co.), Matthew Preston (Dig Inn), Beth Forster (Blue Apron), Mary Cleaver (Cleaver Co.)

  • Hudson River Valley: Developing Our Regional Identity

    2:30pm - 3:55pm — 2nd Floor - Room 5

    Presented in partnership with

    In this open session all attendees will have the opportunity to influence the conversation about the social, economic, and environmental forces that create a regional identity. In a participatory, co-created session we will explore questions like:
    – How is a regional food system an expression of the history and uniqueness of this place?
    – What does success for the region look like?
    – What does the region need in order reach this success (on an individual, community, and environmental level)?

    Join as we engage conference attendees (you!) to explore regional identity, resources, and enterprise as a tool for building an inclusive and abundant foodshed.

    Facilitators: Erica Dorn (, Eugenia Manwelyan (Eco Practicum, Food + Enterprise Summit)

  • Anatomy of a Deal: The Story of Fleishers Craft Butchery

    2:30pm - 3:55pm — 2nd floor - Room 6

    The Story of Fleishers Craft Butchery: From Nose-to-Tail Philosophy to Pasture-Raised Leader

    How do you get the deal done? That’s what every investor and entrepreneur wants to know. Anatomy of a Deal provides a forum for close examination of various stakeholders involved in either financing a new business venture or nurturing an emerging industry sector.

    Since 2004 Fleishers has restored the art of craft butchery as a means for improving and growing a strong food community, reinventing the idea of the local butcher shop. In just over a decade Fleishers has grown their whole animal model to include four retail locations in Kingston (NY), Park Slope (Brooklyn), Westport (CT) and most recently Greenwich (CT). Their USDA butchering facility and classroom in Red Hook, Brooklyn hosts their cutting apprenticeship program, weekend butchery and cooking workshops and a test kitchen. All along the way, Fleishers continues to fundraise for and invest in their NY State beef farming co-op, in transportation and logistics, in new product development and in attracting and training the world’s top butchers, all to support more local farmers and bring the highest quality locally-sourced meats to more customers.

    Speakers: Ryan FibigerMark JusthChristophe HilleSamantha Garwin
    Moderator: Karen Karp

  • Evolution of Slow Money: From Principle to Practice

    4:00pm - 5:00pm — 2nd Floor - Room 1

    Slow Money represents principles and a movement of people committed to catalyzing the flow of capital to local food systems, connecting investors to the places where they live and promoting new principles of fiduciary responsibility that “bring money back down to earth.” With over $45 million invested into 450 small food enterprises around the United States, this workshop will examine the accomplishments of the regional netoworks, while taking a critical look at efficacy, challenges, and steps forward. Learn about the principles, successes, and milestones of the regional Slow Money networks and see how you can get involved.

    Speakers: Jon Zeltsman (Down to Earth Markets)Kyra Kristof (Slow Money Pioneer Valley), Eric DeLuca (Slow Money Vermont), Arno Hesse (Slow Money Northern California and Credibles), Michael Bartner (Slow Money Institute), Linzee Weld (Slow Money Maine), Brian Kaminer (Talgra and Invest with Values)


  • Food System Co-Investment Work Group: Annual Meeting

    4:00pm - 5:00pm — 2nd Floor - Room 3

    Presented in partnership with Fordham University.

    Fordham University and SlowMoneyNYC are partnering on creating a Local Impact Rating System to encourage co-investing and collaboration amongst investors, entrepreneurs and stakeholders interested in unlocking resources and financing a better food system.  Simply, through and inclusive process, we’ve applied existing research and created basic guidelines for consolidating and prioritizing  the existing Global Impact Investing Rating System (GIIRS) into a “Local Food Impact Rating System.” We invite you to participate in the process and share your passion and expertise!


  • Equity Matters: Building a Business Around Shared Wealth and Ownership

    4:00pm - 5:00pm — 2nd Floor - Room 4

    Presented in partnership with Just Food

    Want to build a business that is mission-driven and aligned with your values from the start? This panel discussion will highlight enterprises that have built social and economic justice into their structure and business objectives. We will discuss the challenges and opportunities that are specific to triple bottom line entrepreneurship. Open to new and seasoned entrepreneurs as well as investors looking to make a meaningful impact.

    Speakers: Devita Davison (Marketing and Communications Director, FoodLab Detroit), Jessica Norwood (Executive Director, Emerging ChangeMakers), Lorrie Clevenger (Co-Owner, Rise & Root Farm)

    Moderator: Nadia Johnson (Policy and Advocacy Director / Farmers’ Market Network Manager, Just Food)

  • Crowdfunding 2.0: Overview of an Evolving Sector

    4:00pm - 5:00pm — 2nd Floor - Room 5

    Presented in partnership with Locavesting Media 

    Rewards-based crowdfunding has become popular with food ventures. Now, get ready for the next wave of crowdfunding. Starting in May when new federal laws go into effect, everyone, regardless of their net worth, will be able to invest in private companies for the first time (through debt, equity or revenue-sharing agreements). This historic change creates brand new opportunities—and risks—for entrepreneurs and investors alike. In this session, leading experts will break down the new investment crowdfunding options and answer your questions on this new form of funding.

    Presenters: Kim Wales (Founder and CEO of Wales Capital and CrowdBureau), Slava Rubin (CEO and Chief Business Officer of Indiegogo), Amy Cortese (Journalist, Author & Founder of Locavesting Media)

  • Cider Economic Development: Government Action to Foster New Food Industry

    4:00pm - 5:00pm — 2nd Floor - Room 6

    Presented in partnership with Samuel Adams 

    This workshop will be a discussion on how to turn the current boom in American hard cider sales into a creative, exciting and sustainable hard cider industry that supports many more specialty apple growers and artisan cider producers.

    Presenters: Corie Brown (Zester Daily), Ryan Burk (Sam Adams), Linda LaViolette (Empire State Development), Sara Grady (Glynwood), Elizabeth Ryan (Hudson Valley Farmhouse Cider)

  • Closing Keynote Address – Michelle Long

    5:05pm - 6:00pm — 2nd floor - room 4

    Join Michelle Long for the closing Keynote Address. Michelle is the founding Executive Director of BALLE: Be a Localist, co-author of Local First: A How-to Guide, and an advisor to the Schumacher Center for New Economics.

  • The Local Reception

    6:00pm - 8:00 PM — 3rd Floor

    Highlighting artisanal food and beverage products from region.

  • Food Chains: Screening and Roundtable Discussion

    6:30pm - 7:30pm — 2nd floor - Room 4

    Presented in partnership with Foodstand Film Club

    Food Chains, the critically acclaimed film by Sanjay Rawal and executive producer Eva Longoria, sheds light on the largely invisible part of our supply chain — the farm worker. Chronicling the fight for fair wages by the CIW and the expansion of the Fair Food Program, the film balances showcasing the harsh reality of creating change with the permeating hope for a food system that we can all be proud of. Join Foodstand for a screening and a roundtable discussion unpacking the important issues of workers rights, fair wages, and building a food system for tomorrow that is truly fair for all.


  • Jeffersonian Dinners

    7:30 – 10:00 PM — 7th Floor - BFDA

    Presented in partnership with Brooklyn Fashion+Design Accelerator

    A Jeffersonian Dinner operates on a simple — but critical — shift in standard dinner party dynamics — everyone talks about one topic to the entire table, rather than the person sitting next to you. Learn more about the Jeffersonian Dinners at Food + Enterprise.

    Jeffersonian Dinners require an additional fee beyond Summit Registration.  Get your Jeffersonian Dinner Ticket Here.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

  • Registration + Breakfast

    8:00 – 9:00 AM — Registration, 1st Floor; Breakfast 2-3rd Floors
  • Welcome to Day 2

    9:00am - 9:15am — Plenary Gathering - 2nd floor - Room 4

    Opening remarks from Food + Enterprise Managing Director, Eugenia Manwelyan, followed by an address from our community partners.

  • Keynote Address – Jessamyn Rodriguez

    9:15am - 9:45am — 2nd Floor - Room 4

    Entrepreneur and Hot Break Kitchen founder Jessamyn Rodriguez discusses her work and experience running a mission-driven food business.

  • Keynote – Media Partners

    9:45am - 10:00am — 2nd floor - Room 4

    Speakers from Heritage Radio and Edible share their stories and discuss their work strengthening the regional food movement.


    10am - 4pm — 3rd Floor

    Sample flavors of local food and beverage companies. Explore professional services to build brand or portfolio.  Meet + Eat Marketplace — part food fair, part trade show . . .  entirely delicious.

    Learn more about the vendors and the Meet + Eat programming.

  • Expert Exchange

    10am – 12:30pm — 2nd Floor

    1-on-1 speed coaching sessions for both Investors + Entrepreneurs provided by seasoned business veterans + consultants. Meet experts in marketing, financing, design, accounting, sales, branding, legal, and much more. Obtain practical advice on critical issues facing your business or your investment approach.

    Learn more about Expert Exchange.

  • Small Talks

    10:00am - 12:30pm — 2nd floor - Room 4

    Ten minute crash courses given by experts on topics key to successful business, ethical investing, foodshed resilience, and much more.

    Speakers Include: Jennifer Love (Entrepreneurist), Nicole Shore (Zero to Sixty Communications), Bree Groff (, Debbie Wildrick (Metabrand), John Friedman (Slow Money), Laura Rosenshine (Common Ground Compost), and more!

  • Lunch

    12:30pm – 1:55 PM — Meet + Eat Marketplace, 3rd Floor

    Taste some amazing samples from our Meet + Eat Marketplace vendors.

  • Keynote Address – Oran Hesterman

    2:00pm - 2:30pm — 2nd Floor - Room 4

    National leader in sustainable food systems Oran B. Hesterman will discuss the power of fair food financing and share how Fair Food Network’s Fair Food Fund is growing the good food economy by providing financing and business assistance to enterprises that connect farmers with consumers, and providing a vehicle for funders looking to make a meaningful difference in our food system.

  • PITCHFEST, Sponsored by Rabobank

    2:30pm – 4:40pm — 2nd Floor - Room 4

    Sponsored by Rabobank. Selected good food entrepreneurs present their innovative business plans, receiving immediate feedback from a panel of expert judges. Winners will be awarded special prizes intended elevate their business to the next level.

    Presented in Partnership with CFO on Speed Dial and Foodstand.

    Learn more about PITCHFEST

  • Pitchfest Deal Room

    5:00pm – 6:00PM — 2nd Floor - Room 1

    Come meet with PitchFest entrepreneurs, learn more about their business, and find out how you can get involved in their projects.

  • Closing Keynote Address – Majora Carter

    4:40pm – 5:00 PM — 2nd Floor - Room 4

    Majora Carter caps the summit exploring how to move your food business from idea to reality. Introduction by Jen Tirado (Director, Green City Force). Closing remarks by Derek Denckla + Eugenia Manwelyan.

  • Closing Remarks

    5:00pm - 5:30pm — 2nd Floor - Room 4
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